M O T O R     S P O R T
Moises de la Vara
  • Nationality: Mexican

  • Place of birth: Guadalajara, Jalisco, MEX

  • Residence: San Antonio, Texas, USA

  • Birth date: 13-08-1997

  • Height / Weight:  6’3 / 180 lbs

  • Languages spoken: Spanish and English

  • Education: High School

  • Current sports played: Football, soccer and karting

  • Hobbies: Music, travel, skiing and paintball

  • Racing goal:  F1

  • Racing hero: Ayrton Senna

  • My fitness routine: Cardio, fitness and running

  • Pre-race ritual or superstitions: Listen to music

  • About me: Started racing on March 2015
Born August 13th, 1997 in Guadalajara Jalisco, Mexico. Moises began racing at the age of 8 in rental karts in San Antonio Texas.  At first it was not competitively and just simply as a hobby. Moises displayed great skills and interest in racing. His father purchased a used Tony Kart chassis for Moises to begin to use. This was a big step up from the usual rental karts.
After a few months of training solo he decided to enter his first race. he was 9 when he participated at his first race in the Hill Country Kart Club. finishing in 5th.  He had a couple more races when Moises seemed to lose interest with karting.
Moises stopped racing for several years but returned to racing when he was 16 and wanted back in. Since returning to the sport he has competed in several different races and series. So far Moises has competed in the HCKC Cup, Texas Pro Kart Challenge, US Open, Florida Winter Tour and some International races as well.
In the future Moises hopes to become one of the big names of the motorsport world.